Whats about Cryptolien?

Cryptolien is a planet that was discovered by us in our universe. If you look at it out of space you will realise it looks similar to the earth we live on!

About Cryptolien

Cryptolien Trading Cards created as NFTs, used to participate in the game. Each card has different stats, raritys and territorys.


There will be 4 different Territorys. The Cards will be divided in those 4 territorys. You can see at the color of the character. Each Territory has their own “city / land” and guild. Its like a fraction.

Territory 1 (The Hazards) = Red
Territory 2 (The Hapsys) = Yellow
Territory 3 (The Allymates) they still searching their territory : = Green
Territory 4 (The Abandoned) = Blue


The amount of damage the Cryptolien can do (Range from 20 - 150) Example: You fight against a Cryptolien with 120 Health and you do 20 damage per hit, then you need like 6 hits to win, except you do more damage then the other one.

The amount of Life a Cryptolien can have; The amount of damage a Cryptolien can resists in a fight (Range from 60 - 300)


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There will be 4 different raritys. The Cards will be divided in those different raritys. Bronze, Silver, Gold and Legendary.

Bronze = Green Card Color
Silver = Blue Card Color
Gold = Purple Card Color
Legendary = Gold Card Color

So some card colors will match with the Territorys, those cards are a bit more rare i would say (but you decide) , because they are color matching and it will looking gooood.
The different raritys gots also some extras on the card

Upcoming Features

These features are only in planning, we are looking forward to realise all of them and create the greatest universum ever. I just started this idea from scratch with 1 friend, so its not that easy. I spend all of my freetime to create this project. We are thankful for every help and idea to reach everything we want! If you know somebody that can be helpful and is maybe interested, please leave us a message!
We are looking for interested:
- Designers
- Developer (Important!)
- Concept Building
- Social Media / Helper in Discord

Territorys Map -
At the beginning you choose a territory you “live” in. Each territory can build up their map by investing “coins”. You can also buy a house, there will different houses to buy. (Which gains you a random bonus) These houses are also available trough nfts and can be safed as nfts.

Guilds / Clans -
You may tell your friends and family about Cryptolien that is why we decided to make a guild/clan mode. In this mode you connect with either family/friends or maybe just find new people to connect with and have fun at the game with. There will be clan-wars where u as a clan can participate and fight against a different clan.

Level up - With each fight you participate in you will dran experienced points. Depending on how the fight ended u will recieve an amount of EP.

1v1 - In 1v1 mode it’s you with your charakter against a random enemy. The way this works is you fight against eachother 3 Rounds. If you win 2/3 you have automatically won.

There will be two options.

First Option: The reward for the fight will be the Card your enemy was using. Meaning your collection could either grow after fight or get less, that’s the risk we all have to take in a game. Either WIN or LOSE.

Second Option: The reward for the fight will be “coins”. At the beginning you choose how many coins you would “risk” for the fight. After the fight you will get the full amount of the coins.