The Story of Cryptolien

Whats about Cryptolien?

Cryptolien is a planet that was discovered by us in our universe. If you look at it out of space you will realise it looks similar to the earth we live on!

Cryptolien was struck by a meteorite that formed the living texture. But the meteorite wasn’t just any meteorite.. it was filled with hundreds of Cryptonites – the charakters we present to you. 

About 2000 years ago a huge meteorite was making its way through space. It hit something in space that even we could see from earth! Me and a friend was wondering what the hell just actually happened up there??! So we decided to build our own spaceship and have a look at what happened. On our way to where we thought the explosion was we could only see a small shiny red light. We took course to that light and could believe our eyes what we started seeing! Multiple little creatures running up to our spaceship!

We didn’t really know what to do so we just sat there and and thought to ourselves „what the f**k** are witnessing here.

We got out and the little creatures welcomed us and told us that the where the Hazards. 


They are one of the 4 known territories.

They explained about The Hapsys, The Abandoned and The Allymates. 

Many years before we discovered Cryptolien The Hapsys, Allymates and Harzards teamed up to fight against The Abandoned. After they couldn’t defeat all of The Abandoned the territories whent separate ways to defend themselves against the Abandoned. Throughout the years the other territories started fighting against eachother because everybody had trust issues. Nobody really knew if their opposite was an Abandoned or not..


So as we arrived the Hazards begged us to stay and to find a way to bring peace and freedom!

The Hazards

People living in The Hazards live at big risk. They love the adrenaline of risking whatever it takes to survive. They are fighters for life! The reason they started living that way was because they noticed that if they risk more, they received more..;)

the Abandoned

Those that we found are the only ones left over after the war between the other 3 territories. They teamed up against The Abandoned because of their super strong tactical strength. The Abandoned live in a creepy dark underworld that only they know about. They can strike an enemy from shooting out of the ground. That is the reason The Abandoned have increased health.

The Hapsys

This is a place that represents happiness. The Hapsys are sweet little creatures you maybe think you would want to cuddle with..but once they get angry they turn into your biggest nightmare!

The Allymates

We found out The Allymates don’t have their own “land” but they have the ability to adapt to their surroundings. This means they could be ANYWHERE!!! Allymates are also capable of manipulating other charakters to get informations about the other territories. So if you’re a good spy you know what to be.